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Argosdowntreameuropeterminal bv is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company focused on the  Regions of western Russia. We are an upstream oil and gas exploration and production company.By purchasing high quality oil products, you increase the operating life of equipments. naftakepitaalterminal-Terminal, oil producers issue a passport indicating.



Argosdowntreameuropeterminal bv  offers transportation of petroleum products through sea vessels delivery. We are committed and relaible with our transhipment and vessel bookings to achieve fast operations. Incoming and Outgoing vessels are possible at naftakepitaalterminal Terminal for different chemicals, mineral and vegetable oils 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



The petroleum and petrochemical producers and the users of refined petroleum products, a tank storage systems like naftakepitaalterminal Refinery & Tank Farm perform vital connecting services. Our tank farm’s decentralised management structure functions as a reliable system providin quality services.


Tank Storage

Argosdowntreameuropeterminal bv provides a reliable, top quality service for oil and petroleum storage and a high level of professionals in sourcing, logistics, hedging and product proficiency. Customers in partnership with our company in areas of product storage and supply will benefit from our high level of flexibility and expertise in all area.

Transport Services

Argosdowntreameuropeterminal bv one of the largest shipping agency in the field of maritime transport in Russia and the CSI. Which carries out major oil and gas shipments and trans shipments under the Russian flag over international waters. Own and chartered fleet, specializing in the transportation of oil and gas from the areas with difficult ice conditions,

Oil Products

Sold across Europe and Asia Main activity of LLC naftakepitaalterminal is aimed at the storage of high quality fuel including the following Products:Aviation Kerosine JP54,Diesel Gasoil D2,Mazut M100 GOST,Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO). Our Company Krotovskoe, works with many Russian manufacturers and we own direct contracts .

State of the art Warehouse

Argosdowntreameuropeterminal bv has partnership with over 150 wharehouses warehouse B + class located across Russia, with wharehouse around the sea port terminal like Novorossiysk – Vladivostok – Kozmino – Nakhodka – Vanino – port of saint petersburg and more.We also offer storage space for rent in the region of Russia and rental of offices. The variety of sizes and warehouses allows you to rent a warehouse for you imported goods from overseas.


One of the best Laboratory in Russia Testing Laboratory of Argosdowntreameuropeterminal bv has a certificate of recognition of the Russian Maritime Registered of Shipping. Recognition Certificate № 12.10033.210 of 14.03.2012. “Testing Laboratory” is quickly and at reasonable cost executes applications in the qualitative analysis of bunker fuel, lubricating oils, water after oil-water separators and blowing agents of fire extinguishing systems.


PipelineTankers operates 2 main separate pipelines for crude oil and one for oil products in Russia. 1. A 42", 168-km long crude oil pipeline linking the Baltic Sea port of the Baltic states to the European Union. Three booster stations pump the crude oil at a maximum capacity of 30 million tons per annum. Two additional booster stations pump the crude oil in the opposite direction, namely from the Baltic sea to Europe.

Our Vision

Argosdowntreameuropeterminal bv provides transport, industrial and heating fuels. Our range of products, from reliable main-grade fuels to premium products to customers in many industries including transport, mining, manufacturing, power generation, marine and home energy.

Our product portfolio includes regular and differentiated transport fuels for on-road and off-road heavy duty vehicles, heavy fuel oils for manufacturing boilers and heating fuels for home heating. We also make our products available through indirect channel partners.